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Click the pictures for Videos of Hero-Scape

Hero-Scape is a Runescape private server that i have once started and have came back to.
Last time it was a 317 RSPS and this time it is revision 666.
Im developing it through Java oracle.

You can go directly to the website at http://hero-scape.com or by clicking here

It only takes 3-4 minutes to download the launcher and it automaticly downloads as you are playing!
The server itself has a full download size of 260mb. and it is all downloaded to your account folder under "Hero-Scape Files".
Here are some pictures of Hero-Scape.

Launcher (the program you load the game with):

Once the Launcher is done installing the game, It will open up what we call the client.
Pictures are as followed.

Once you start off (you must make an account at http://hero-scape.com)
You will be asked if you would like to go through a tutorial about the server,
or you can skip it those are your two options.

Here is where you end up once you are ready to play

All skills work three just not all completely done,
ypi cam get ;eve;s om everu skill!
only people that will make it on the highscores are the ones playing hero mode as an experience rate
You can reset your skills at any time, if you want a tutorial on how to do it.
Click here<

Next is the citadel, no you are not gonna be able to have your own citadel
But you can have houses and we can use the citadel for main things like meetings, ect.

The dueling arena is a good place to duel without loosing items. Oh, and there is also
staking (aka gambling) where you can have fun with that! many different features.

There are plenty training areas all around Hero-Scape! and heres a picture of one of them.
Jellyfish and bears!

you can also craft runes on hero-scape, there are really good places in this version that they must be shown.

The infamous hand-cannon is fully functionable! come shoot some people!

Well, thats it for now. i will update this page as often as i can.
If you wanna play ahead of time before final release, go ahead
and go to http://hero-scape.com or click here and join us!